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Does this look like your file storage system? What if all these documents and records were at your fingertips and you never had to leave your desk to find them? Digitally archived files can be located and shared instantly, with anyone.

Files_Warehouse_18920113_smIf you’re tired of traveling to the storage unit, rummaging through boxes and file cabinets, looking for an important document, or digging around under your desk, a digital document archiving system offers an efficient solution for your company.

How does it work?

Step One

Call e-Shelf Document Scanning for a free audit of your current document archiving system.

Step Two

e-Shelf will scan each record, on site or at their secure facility, shredding or returning the completed files.

Step Three

Just click to find or share each digital file, carefully scanned and clearly labeled, saved securely on your system.

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Is it your turn to go to the company storage unit or some out-of-the-way room for an important file? How much better would it be if you could actually access that file plus share it from your desktop? No more time wasted searching for, retrieving from, or refiling back to a remotely-stored bankers box. Accessibility and Share ability. Efficiency at it’s best!

How Much Will You Save?

You may not realize how much your current filing system is costing you on an ongoing basis. You might be surprised when you discover how much you are investing in the storage of all that paper. Fill out this simple form to estimate how much you can save by archiving your documents digitally with e-Shelf. We promise we won’t share your information with anyone else.