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eShelf was formed in 2012 and at the time, focused primarily on document scanning in the medical industry. Since then, the leadership team has grown and expanded to include law enforcement leadership professionals and to provide focus on video and police report redactions.  
We are based in Central Point, Oregon, providing document and photo scanning services to Southern Oregon and Northern California.  Our redaction service is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and can provide redaction service for any agency in the United States.  
We believe in service to others before self.  We believe in finding solutions to problems.  We believe we are an extension of the services you provide to citizens, customers and clients, and we commit to provide you the best quality service and product at a reasonable and fair price.  

Donn D. Knokey
Owner/Managing Member

Kenny Buckland
Owner/Managing Member

Bruce Ciolli
Owner/Managing Member

Kenny Buckland

Meet the eShelf Leadership Team – Owners/Managing Partners

eShelf Mission Statement

eShelf creates solutions and capacity.  Our mission is to deliver high-quality data solutions that enable our clients to meet their business goals more effectively and efficiently.

eShelf Core Values

Creating Solutions
We do more than just provide a service; we provide solutions.

Creating Efficiency
We provide quick and easy access to our customer’s data.

Being Effective
We solve problems and serve our customers.

Generating Success
By working collaboratively, our customer’s success is our success.

Don D. Knokey Bruce Ciolli

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