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Whatever your industry, converting paper files to digital files through our in-office or mobile document scanning service just makes sense.  Scouring through drawers, boxes and files is time consuming, just to find one file or record or report.  Many industries face compliance issues and reimbursement incentives that can best be satisfied by full conversion to a digital document management system.  eShelf can help you go from paper to paperless.  You will gain back space, time, and be more organized.  
To do this, we can help you audit your records to ensure you only keep, and we only scan, what you actually need.  We will scan your documents for you, on-site or in our secure facility, and then return your paper records to you; or we can assist you with proper shredding and disposal now that your records are in digital format and more readily available to you.   Whatever your desire, eShelf will ensure your records are maintained and returned or shredded securely, throughout the entire process.  You will receive your records categorized to your specifications and organized in digital format for future easy access on your computer and in your records management system or cloud service.

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Records Audit

To start the process, we can help you audit what you currently have.  You may have box upon box of company files stacked in an office, file cabinet, drawer, shared space or storage unit. Every office has them. But, do you know what’s inside each of those boxes? Have you ever even counted them?  Not knowing what’s in those boxes can be costing your company money every month. Poorly organized, unlabeled or unidentified boxes can be a risk to your business. You are very likely paying for unnecessary storage space and payroll hours associated with those disorganized files but even worse, you may be non-compliant, running the risk of litigation or a governmental audit.
eShelf Information Solutions can work with you to audit your records, determine what you have, what needs to be retained and scanned, and what needs to be properly purged.  

Document and Photo Scanning

eShelf Information Solutions performs document and photo scanning services.  Through this process, we will convert your files and documents to a digital, PDF format for your ease in access and viewing.  We can scan your photos to PDF, .tif, or .jpg and give you digital access to your pictures.  Digital document archiving with eShelf can accommodate records as small as business cards or receipts and documents as large as blueprints.
Knowing photo and document disorganization is not only a workplace issue, we also offer document and photo scanning services to families and individuals.  Contact us today about our photo box pricing to convert your family photos to digital photos.  

eShelf document scanning adds efficiency and functionality to your current records management system.

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