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eShelf Information Solutions can assist you with redacting all your video and reports or other associated documents.  We will remove personal identifying and case sensitive information from all your video, reports, and other documents in accordance with your policy, and state and federal laws.   
Because of freedom of information (FOIA) and public records laws, law enforcement must provide much of this data when available, but not without protecting private citizens of their personal identifying information (PII). This redaction process is costly and time consuming to law enforcement.  By getting eShelf involved, we can help you reduce your turnaround times and lower your costs in processing video, report, and other document redactions.  
Our leadership team at eShelf is comprised of law enforcement, retired law enforcement and medical industry leadership professionals.  We understand how critical it is to get it done fast and get it done right.  Quality of work and security of redaction staff is important.  Our knowledgeable staff will ensure the security of your data is of the highest importance.

Report Redactions
Most redaction companies can do video or report redactions but eShelf Information Solutions can do both.  We are a one stop shop for this service, and if needed, we also perform document scanning services.

Video Redactions
With the increase in officer body worn cameras, in-car cameras, cell phone video and photos, retail and private cameras, law enforcement is receiving massive amounts of data evidence than in years past.  We can take your video into .avi or .mp4, and with our software, break it down ensuring every frame is redacted and encoded, so no one can remove the layers after released and compromise the redacted personal identifying or case sensitive information.  

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