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Record Management

eShelf document scanning adds efficiency and functionality to your current records management system.
Whatever your industry, converting paper files to digital files may increase your profits by minimizing expenses related to managing paper documents. Many industries face compliance issues and reimbursement incentives that can best be met by full conversion to a digital document management system.  More Information

Document & Photo Scanning

Digital document archiving with eShelf can accommodate records as small as business cards and receipts and as large as blueprints.  Black and white, color and gray-scale options are available. Documents may be scanned in 200 dpi – 600 dpi, single or double-sided formats. PDF files can be created using either Kofax or Nuance PDF converter software. You are in the driver’s seat.  Call eShelf Document Scanning for a free evaluation.  More Information

Records Audit

You have box upon box of company files stacked in an office, shared space or storage unit. Every office has them. But, do you know what’s inside each of those boxes? Have you ever even counted them?
Not knowing what’s in those boxes can be costing your company money every month. Poorly organized, unlabeled or unidentified boxes can be a risk to your business. You are very likely paying for unnecessary storage space and payroll hours associated with those disorganized files, but even worse, you may be non-compliant, running the risk of litigation or a governmental audit. More Information

eShelf Record Management eShelf Document & Photo Scanning eShelf Records Audit

Video Redaction

With the increase in officer body worn cameras, in-car cameras, cell phone video and photos, and store and private cameras, law enforcement is receiving massive amounts of data evidence than in years past.  We can take your video into .avi or .mp4, and with our software, break it down ensuring every frame is redacted and encoded, so no one can remove the layers after released and compromise the redacted personal identifying or case sensitive information.    More Information

eShelf Video Redactions

Report / Document Redaction

Most redaction companies can do video or report redactions but eShelf Information Solutions can do both.  We are a one stop shop for this service, and if needed, we also perform document scanning services.  More Information

eShelf Report / Document Redactions

For Redactions services: (480) 980-2890
All other services: (541) 840-6723